10 Cities That Could Be The Next Silicon Valley

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5 Westside, Los Angeles, CA

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Although Los Angeles is really a county with 88 smushed-together districts, the areas of Westside (Santa Monica, Venice, and surrounding neighborhoods) are having a prolific tech boom. So prolific, that the area known as Westside has been dubbed the nickname Silicon Beach, for its surfer, bohemian lifestyle mixed with techie ingenuity.

Companies headquartered within Westside zip codes received $741 million of funding out of approximately $1.1 billion invested in greater LA in 2013. TrueCar, The Honest Company, and DogVacay all scored more than $15 million in 2013, and local startup monolith SnapChat raised $110 million between B and C Series funding rounds.

The close proximity between these companies on the Westside has helped sprout business partners, network solutions, local startup events, and companies within co-working spaces, which has helped the idea of a communal technology rise.

Google and Yahoo! both have offices in Santa Monica. Recently, Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe sold his company to Facebook for $2 billion. Disney bought LA-based Maker Studios for $500 million, Apple bought Beats for $3.2 billion, and mobile apps such as Whisper, Tinder, and SnapChat are thriving, and there are 889 startups in the region, proving that LA tech entrepreneurs are definitely on the up and up.


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