10 Cities That Could Be The Next Silicon Valley

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9 Detroit, MI

The Motor City has always been known as a hub for manufacturing and the auto industry, while technological innovations have belonged in Silicon Valley. On paper, the areas couldn’t appear more different, but they’re actually quite similar. Manufacturing has gone high-tech in Detroit, while the Silicon Valley region has seen a rise in manufacturing.

A recent Brookings report listed a group of 50 advanced industries, ranging from software development to automobile manufacturing. These industries, with just a 9% workforce, produce 17% of our GDP and have created 65% of new jobs. While the automotive industry accounts for one-third of all advanced industry employment, 32,000 professionals in Detroit are employed in the computer systems design sector, with many feeding into the larger automotive supply chain.

On the production side, software companies are taking over large areas of the economy, which is helping to grow a dynamic between the automotive and tech industries in Detroit. General Motors, for instance, one of the largest employers in Detroit, has been increasingly moving into the software space, just as Google has been rapidly moving into manufacturing.


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