10 Cities That Could Be The Next Silicon Valley

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1 Seattle, WA

Seattle is already ranked #2 in JLL’s top 10 high-tech cities of 2014, with titans such as Amazon and Microsoft continuing to attract techies to Seattle. They are already somewhat in the midst of their boom, and are right on the heels of Silicon Valley as the leading tech hub of the US. Venture capitalist investments in IT companies nearly doubled in 2014 from 2013, as $804 million was invested in 139 deals.

One of those deals was a $71 million Series G funding for Redfin, and other VC-funded companies have been successful, such as the SEO tracking software developer Moz. Seattle is the fastest growing tech city of the country’s 50 most populous cities – 6.9% growth between 2010 and 2013. Median income is higher than in Austin and Dallas, which makes the real estate median prices also higher ($440K), a number that’s been climbing and attracting investors.

Seattle is the cloud computing capital of the world, according to the New York Times, and many startups are focused on business cloud solutions. Amazon is the #1 player in the cloud market, with Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft is #2, with Windows Azure. Cloud computing is the next platform in how computing is going to be done – building applications and services on top of platforms such as Chef, 2nd Watch, and Tier 3, which are all Seattle-based. With a lock on the cloud computing market, comes a lock for the future of internet technology.



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10 Cities That Could Be The Next Silicon Valley


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