Fresh Strawberry Pie Made Easy (Simple Lattice!)

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Fresh Strawberry Pie Made Easy (Simple Lattice!)

Summer means Strawberry Pie, and my strawberry pie recipe is the easiest you’ll find — you’ll even get that classic lattice look without all the fuss. Enjoy the sweet strawberries, perfect pie crust, and the little ingredient trick I use! Get the RECIPE:

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My strawberry pie is made with seasonal strawberries and my Homemade Pie Crust, which I cut and lay as a lattice, giving you a beautiful peek-a-boo at those strawberries. A lattice shape works best when baking with strawberries. Strawberries release a lot of liquid when they bake, so your pie top will need to be partially open to let that liquid evaporate. If you use a solid pie crust, you’re going to get a soggy bottom!

I also add some grated Granny Smith apple to this pie, which helps soak up a lot of the liquid the strawberries release and gives it another layer of texture.

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Fresh Strawberry Pie Made Easy (Simple Lattice!)


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