Largest Tech Companies In Silicon Valley

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Largest Tech Companies In Silicon Valley

Which are the largest tech companies in Silicon Valley today?

In spite of the fact that NYC and other notable cities have been displacing Silicon Valley as hotspots for launching startups, fast-growing startup ecosystems, and attracting capital, the valley is still a mecca for many entrepreneurs and tech workers.

The foundation and how entrenched this culture is in the DNA of the area is unlikely to change any time soon, even if traditional office space is all but abandoned for remote work after 2020. 


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So, who are the biggest companies in the area today? What can aspiring entrepreneurs learn from them? 


Apple had a market cap of over $1.5T on July 1st, 2020. With a peak of around 188,000 employees, it has been one of the largest tech companies in the world in many ways. That’s around three times the number of employees Facebook has. 

There are sure to be plenty of ups and downs and twists for this highly visible tech giant in the wake of the events of 2020. Yet, its fabled history from the early days of Steve Jobs to the iPhone has created a world-dominating brand with an intensely loyal fan base.

Visual Capitalist does a great job at capturing how these companies generate their billions as you can find on the visual below.

Apple Sources of Revenue


Palo Alto based Hewlett Packard has been around for over 80 years and still one of the largest tech companies in Silicon Valley. The original garage where HP was founded is marked as the birthplace of Silicon Valley.

While still big, HP is a fraction of the size of Apple, with a market cap of around $24B, and 60,000 employees. In 2009, Businessweek named the company one of the 11 most valuable in the world.


Without a doubt one of the largest tech companies in Silicon Valley. Google parent Alphabet is unquestionably one of the biggest tech giants in the world. All despite many attempts to break up its monopolies. 

Alphabet has a market cap of just under $1T. The Mountain View, California headquartered company was birthed in restructuring by Google in 2015. It is considered one of the world’s four most valuable companies. It was the fourth to become worth $1T.  Ciprofloxacin online

Alphabet has been one of the most active acquirers in the tech space, including ultimately acquiring a variety of the startups it has backed with capital. 

According to Built-in SF, Google has over 184,000 employees at the beginning of 2020. You can also see below how they make their money.

Google Sources of Revenue


Larry Ellison’s Redwood City-based technology company Oracle has also been a big acquirer in the tech space where M&A advisors have been top of mind which puts them on the top list of the largest tech companies in Silicon Valley. One of the most notable being $7B Sun Microsystems in 2010. Oracle has an estimated 136,000 employees, with a market cap of around $170B.


Intel is even bigger than Oracle, with a market cap of around $249B.  Intel is more than 50 years old and is a supplier to Dell, HP, and Apple. The Santa Clara based company had over 110,000 employees as of 2019, and over $71B in revenues. 

Intel acquired at least 29 other companies between 2010 and May 2020, including paying $7.6B for McAfee. 


Slightly smaller than Intel, Cisco boasts close to a $200B market cap. San Francisco based Cisco had over 75,000 employees in 2019, and revenues of over $51B. Fildena

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Largest Tech Companies In Silicon Valley


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