The Perfect Chewy Brownie Recipe

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The Perfect Chewy Brownie Recipe

If you find yourself reaching for the Chewy Brownies around the edges of the pan, this recipe is for you — because this brownie recipe gives EACH brownie that chew you crave. Written recipe:

Even though I’ve been a professional baker for years, there are still some tricks that I unexpectantly CRACK! So I switched up one simple technique for this brownie recipe and created the chewiest brownies known to man.

To make the Best-Ever Brownies, you need to use high-quality unsweetened cocoa powder, brown sugar, and bittersweet chocolate (70%) chunks to balance out the sweetness.

But to make the chewiest brownies you’ve ever experienced in your life, the trick is to… well, watch the video and find out!

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The Perfect Chewy Brownie Recipe


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