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Trophies (also known as Souvenirs) are an item that appears throughout the game. [[File:Glide64 Silicon Valley 02.png|thumb|300px|right|Trophy as seen on Smashing Start. According the in-game quotes, Dan and Evo would be rich for collecting the souvenirs.

They can be obtained by meeting certain objectives. Such as jumping through rings, or killing everything on a level.

Europe[edit | edit source]

  • Smashing Start: Kill Flossie and bring her to Dan’s rocket. Get back onto Roger and walk up onto Dan. When Dan starts up the engines, Flossie will become a Trophy.
  • Have a Nice Day!: Get inside the Racing Mouse and cross the starting line. The player will be challenged with a Racing Dog. If the player beats the Racing Dog, he is awarded a gold Trophy.
  • Honeymoon Lagoon: Use a Sheep to float through all the Blue Rings to make the Trophy appear.
  • The Battery Farm: Kill all the Sheep to let the Trophy appear in the fireplace.
  • The Engine Room: Destroy all the machines with the Racing Dog. Use a Rat to get this trophy.
  • Fat Bear Mountain: There are three ways to do it. Use the Racing Mouse to turn on three switches quickly. Use the Bear to hit all three switches. Bring all three Sheep to push the switches all at once. Due to a glitch, it is impossible to get this Trophy without using cheat devices.
  • Rocky Hard Place: Use a Sheep to float when on an elevator by avoiding the wind. Get inside the dead Racing Fox. Use a Springy Thingy (or Spring Ram) to get the Trophy after elevating the asteroid chunks.
  • Stinky Sewers: Eat all the poop with a Rat.
  • Rat-o-matic: On the area with the Fox Family, use the Rat King or a Racing Fox to push the gas containers. Use one of the Rats to lay explosive mines. The gas container will explode and extinguish the flames. Use a Racing Fox to get the souvenir.

Ice[edit | edit source]

  • Snow Joke: Turn off the light to let a glowing, orange platform appear on the big machine. Use the Rabbit to reach the Trophy.
  • Ice n’ Easy, Does It?: Kill all the Walruses with a Heli-Rabbit.
  • Penguin Playpen: Kill all the Cool Cods. Use the Seagull to get the Trophy.
  • Pinball Blizzard: Use the King Penguin to find all the Singing Penguins. Press “Record” on 5, 6, 4, 8, 1, and 4. Then press “Play”. When all the Penguins sing, another one on the spaceship will drop a Trophy.
  • Hoppa Choppa: Kill all the Rabbits near the stage’s exit.
  • Something Fishy: Swim through all the Blue Rings as a Cool Cod fast. A Blue Ring will respawn if you take too long.

Jungle[edit | edit source]

  • Jungle Japes: Use a Hyena or an Elephant to bring three rocks to three empty slots. This will cause a golden shrub to appear.
  • Jungle Doldrums: Use the Parrot to fly on the platform with the Trophy.
  • Swamp of Eternal Stench: Reach the area with two Hyenas and reach a dead end. Press the R Button to get out of the Racing Tortoise. Enter through the bars to get the Trophy.
  • Weight For It!: Use the Gorilla to throw all the boulders at the Red Rings.
  • Jungle Jumps: Go through all the Blue Rings with a Racing Tortoise/Hyena Biker and a Gorilla.

Desert[edit | edit source]

  • Fun in the Sun: Kill all the Armed Desert Foxes with an Armed Desert Fox. This is very difficult if low on energy.
  • Hot Cross Buns: Kill all the Scorpions and throw them in the black whirlpool. Collect all the Silver Scorpions.
  • Sting in the Tail: Kill all the Scorpions with a Boxing Kangaroo.
  • Borassic Park: Destroy all the dinosaur skull’s teeth. It is best to use the Boxing Kangaroo, because you can avoid the explosion by jumping.
  • Whirlwind Tour: Destroy all the three Scorpions with any offensive animal (Cannon Camel or Boxing Kangaroo).
  • Shifting Sands: Enter the tent and the sand pit with sand clouds. Walk into them and the Trophy will appear.
  • Due to a glitch on Fat Bear Mountain, it is impossible to obtain all the trophies in the game. Although, an Action Replay code is available to accomplish the same task.

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