Top 5 Most Promising Startup Companies in Silicon Valley

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Top 5 Most Promising Startup Companies in Silicon Valley

So, who are the most promising startups in Silicon Valley, and why? Before you jump into reviewing the below list of brands that we have collected, here is what you need to know. In a competitive modern era that is filled with millions of creative entrepreneurs with various ideas, it is essential to understand how to build a successful company. Finding a market is not enough to build up a brand that will shine and capture attention. To achieve success, the entrepreneur must possess strong team-building skills, the inventor must have enough funding to support the project’s seed stage, and the product must be able to benefit and satisfy the focus group (or early adopters).

While there is no perfect entrepreneur or ideal company, keep in mind that some creative businesses perform better than others. Below is a list of top 5 Silicon Valley startups, according to leading marketing agencies KV Marketing (founded by Ivan Kv) and Global Marketing (founded by Fred King).

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Top 5 Most Promising Startups in Silicon Valley (Bitrue, Propy, Moeco, Green Revolution, Carta)Ivan Kv, Fred King


Bitrue is a cryptocurrency exchange that supports the XRP community by offering a vast selection of trading pairs with the XRP base coin. In less than a year, Bitrue has become a profitable company in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Bitrue founder Curis Wang is doing a great job of leading the team and maintaining the reputation of the company. Bitrue is constantly trying to stay ahead of the game. Thus, one of the company’s unique features is its PowerPiggy program, which allows users who hold their cryptocurrency on Bitrue to earn 7.3% annual interest.

Even after the cyberattack, during which the exchanges users lost about 4 million dollars, Bitrue managed to recover and salvage its reputation. All users whose funds got stolen received compensation from the service provider. This noble gesture outlines the moral business principles of the crypto exchange and its willingness to create great user experiences to stay competitive in the market.


Propy is the first blockchain-based real estate transaction platform that is designed to speed up the real estate closing process and offer additional protection (such as fraud and natural disaster prevention) to real estate professionals. Propy’s founder and CEO, Natalia Karayaneva, is swiftly pushing the company’s tech by converting experienced traditional real estate professionals into tech-savvy, modern real estate experts.

Though it is hard and seemingly impossible to convince traditional brokerages and old-school agents to use new real estate technologies, Natalia does it well by engaging influencers in the real estate field. So far, Propy received endorsements from Michael Arrington (founder of TechCrunch), Bill Tai (Silicon Valley-based VC), Glenn Sanford (CEO of eXp World Holdings), Daniel Kottke (college friend of Steve Jobs and first Apple employee), Brock Pierce (influencer in the crypto space), and many more.


A leader in the IoT space, Moeco is a blockchain-powered technology company that connects all IoT frameworks. Moeco is energy-efficient and safe-to-use. Furthermore, the platform protects the private data of its users.

Mit Gorilovsky, the founder of Moeco, is a successful serial entrepreneur who is known for founding Cointelegraph, Woodenshark, and TapTap, among other companies. It seems that Mit is a visionary in the technology space who knows what the tech community needs.

Green Revolution

Founded in Washington State and expanded to California, Green Revolution is a leading cannabis products distributor. Unlike the majority of key industry players, this particular firm is offering a wide variety of marijuana products, including everything from baked edibles and beverages to serum-activated oils and joysticks. The grand mission of Leo Shlovsky, the CEO of Green Revolution, is to empower people by uplifting them emotionally with positive energy.


Carta is a leading Silicon Valley startup that offers software for evaluating startup stock options, derivatives, and warrants in real-time. The founder, Manu Kumar, along with his partner, Henry Ward, made it possible to digitize the entire process of managing and receiving stock certificates. Carta makes stock sharing easy for all involved parties.

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Top 5 Most Promising Startup Companies in Silicon Valley


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