Andrew Smyth From GBBO & The Wonders Of Bakineering! | Knead to Know #5

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Andrew Smyth From GBBO & The Wonders Of Bakineering! | Knead to Know #5

Welcome to Episode #5 of Knead to Know, the first-ever baking podcast all about the hottest buzz in baking! Today’s show: Join us At the Counter for a dive deep interview with guest Andrew Smyth, plus are grapes on pizza all that weird? Full show notes:

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Hot From The Oven: 00:56
Let’s talk about both Daisy Ridley AND James McAvoy are on the new season of Great Celebrity Bake Off, why Irish potato candy isn’t Irish, how Jamie Oliver thinks grapes go on a pizza, and Meghan Markle’s yogurt shop days!

Ask Gemma: 06:08
This one you won’t want to miss! Mia gets Gemma’s professional AND Irish opinions Irish potato candy, putting peanut butter in mashed potatoes, pancake-covered bananas, and sneak peeks for Bigger Bolder Baking!

At The Counter Guest: 23:10
Andrew Smyth is a GBBO finalist, the founder of #bakineering (did you know he’s an actual aerospace engineer?), presenter, and of course, baker through and through! He even made a MOVING cake for Prince William. Check Andrew out on Instagram, here:

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Find the whole list of show notes, including links and sources, here:

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Gemma Stafford is an Irish-born chef, best-selling cookbook author, and host of the hit online baking show Bigger Bolder Baking. Gemma helps anyone bake with confidence anytime, anywhere with her chef-tested recipes and techniques that take the fear out of baking. Her videos have been viewed more than 350 million times and she has more than 8 million fans (“Bold Bakers”) online. She has been featured on numerous TV shows and as a guest judge on the Food Network’s Best Baker in America and Nailed It! on Netflix. Every day Gemma connects with her millions of fans online via YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and her website She lives in Santa Monica, California with her husband and producer, Kevin, new baby, George, and dog, Waffles.

Mia Brabham is a writer, host, and digital personality with a love for people, hearty conversation, and anything hot from the oven. With over two million video views on her YouTube channel, a series of blogs that have reached hundreds, and a debut book that’s reached readers all over the world, she’s always looking to inspire and empower people to be themselves. When she’s not working or writing, Mia is probably gathering a group of friends for karaoke, planning her next day trip, or baking banana bread.

The Bold Baking Network is your #1 authority for everything baking. The Network is led by Chef Gemma Stafford, co-creator & host of Bigger Bolder Baking, and co-creator & Executive Producer Kevin Kurtz. Our mission is to bring you the most diverse voices from baking experts and enthusiasts to help anyone bake with confidence anytime, anywhere. Our purpose is to bring YOU joy every day through baking.

The Knead to Know Podcast is our first new Bold Baking Network show where you can get the hottest buzz in baking every week.

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Andrew Smyth From GBBO & The Wonders Of Bakineering! | Knead to Know #5


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