Starship SN10 [4k, Clean Audio & Slow Mo Supercut]

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Starship SN10 [4k, Clean Audio & Slow Mo Supercut]

SpaceX tested another Starship prototype, SN10, to an altitude of 10 km in order to practice its daring belly flop to tail down landing maneuver. This time the flip was successful utilizing 3 raptor engines, then shutting two down for the final landing exactly as planned. Unfortunately 3 of the 6 landing legs didn’t successfully deployed (as you can see in our footage), alongside a fairly high landing velocity, resulting in an explosion 8 minutes after touching down.

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Check out Cosmic Perspective’s incredible mini film from SN10 too! –

We’ll be talking more about why they’re doing the belly flop maneuver in an upcoming video.

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00:00 – Realtime Recut with Sync’d Audio
00:15 – Lift Off
02:25 – Engine Shut Down 1
03:25 – Engine Shut Down 2
04:30 – Belly Flop
06:12 – Re-light / Flip
06:30 – Touchdown
07:10 – Explosion [Realtime]
07:40 – Slow Mo Shots
10:00 – Belly Flop
12:23 – Landing
17:14 – Explosion [Slow Mo]


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Starship SN10 [4k, Clean Audio & Slow Mo Supercut]


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