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Science for humanity

Science for humanity | The Blade >> 0; var thisArg = arguments.length >= 2 ? arguments[1] : void 0; for (var i = 0; i this.length) { return false; } else { return this.indexOf(search, start) !== -1; } }; }else{ console.log(“DON’T POLYFILL INCLUDES”); } ]]> In the fight against the coronavirus, barriers to international cooperation are breaking down among scientists researching the best ways to fight the disease.n

Continuing that cooperation for the long term, among scientists working on matters like health and sanitation, makes sense.n

The Earth’s billions of people all need similar things for survival — clean water, healthful and abundant food, medicine to fight both pandemics and illnesses such as cancer. On all of these matters, cooperation rather than national competition could speed new technology and discovery. Scientists working together would keep people healthier, no matter where they live.n

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This isn’t about disclosing national defense or security secrets. It’s about moving technology and information through the scientific pipeline more quickly to help more people.n

In this case, governments are way behind what scientists have been doing to fight the coronavirus. Scientists are united in trying to find treatments and a vaccine for the virus, rather than playing the who-gets-credit game. Scientists are posting their findings and studies online and not waiting for publication in medical periodicals.n

Clinical and hospital trials are being run on a collaborative basis. And potential breakthroughs are shared instantly worldwide. A lab working on a potential vaccine in Pittsburgh is working with the Pasteur Institute in Paris and an Austrian pharmaceutical company. Funding for that project is through a Norweigan organization and several national governments — an international collaboration of the best sort.n

More than enough areas of competition and conflict exist among nations. The fight against the coronavirus shows the promise of working together to take care of basic human needs. Some matters must go beyond borders to help all of our fellow humans. We shouldn’t have to wait for the next brutal disease to sweep over the planet to maintain a higher level of scientific and medical cooperation.n

The promise of what scientific cooperation can do is being explored. Let’s keep it up — for the good of humanity.”, “link”: “”, “sectionOLD”: “opinion”, “section”: “opinion”, “sectionSEOKey”: “opinion”, “subSection”: “Editorials”, “subSectionSEOKey”: “editorials”, “sectionLabel”: “Editorials”, “sectionSEOLabel”: “opinion/editorials”, “paid”: “0”, “paidusersonly”: “0”, “images”: [ { “libobjectversion”:”storyimage4101-20170505_1101″, “id”: “”, “title”: “Virus Outbreak Vaccine Study”, “caption”: “A tech­nol­o­gist pre­pares a cor­o­navi­rus vac­cine can­di­date in Kansas City.”, “linkText”: null, “photoCredit”: “ASSOCIATED PRESS”, “orientation”: “”, “displayOrder”: “”, “expirationDate”: “”, “rights”: “”, “url”: “”, “counter”:”1″, “IsLastItem”: “1”, “imagecount”: “1”, “url_hero”: “” }], “related”: {}, “relatedold”: { “links”: [“linksvariablehere”], “videos”: [] }, “layout”: “wideheadline”, “v”: “no” }] } ]]>

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Science for humanity


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