Top 10 Silicon Valley Episodes, According to IMDb

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Top 10 Silicon Valley Episodes, According to IMDb

The show Silicon Valley follows a group of engineers and coders try to make it in the tech world. Here are its best episodes per IMDb.

The show Silicon Valley follows a group of engineers and coders try to make it with a start-up in the tech-heavy market in California’s Silicon Valley. They go through all the quick ups and downs of their market having to deal with corporate villains and others trying to constantly steal their code and algorithms.

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The show delves into the culture of Silicon Valley and all of the eccentrics that exist there. It has a lot of drama and comedy throughout the show and boasts a talented cast including Thomas Middleditch, Kumail Nanjiani, and Zach Woods. Here are the top-rated episodes of the entire series according to IMDb.


10 Intellectual Property (S4 E3) – 8.6

Erlich tries to help an uncooperative Jian-Yang land funding for an app. Gavin is fired from Hooli as Jack turns against him after he tried to obtain Pied Piper’s chat service that had countless underage users.

Big Head tries to go back to school to make his dad happy and stumbles into classes at Stanford.

9 Exit Event (S6 E7) – 8.7

The series finale of the show sees the Pied Piper team being interviewed ten years in the future about past events while also showing what happened with the AT&T deal and launch of PiperNet. Richard thinks that there might be an issue before their launch and Gilfoyle warns that their A.I. is too powerful and they should destroy it.

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They decide that they need to sabotage their own launch and make it look like an accident so they don’t get in trouble and no one is tempted to reconstruct their dangerous A.I. technology. The show reveals what happened to each character and ends their stories.


8 Meinertzhagen’s Haversack (S3 E3) – 8.7

The team tries to stop Jack and the sales team from turning Pied Piper into a box appliance. Richard is upset that they want to sell an appliance instead of his online platform that they had been working on.

He tries to do some corporate maneuvering with help from Laurie and Monica and an Ocean’s Eleven type of plan. Gilfoyle decides to quit as recruiters start reaching out to him and he figures out that another team has their algorithm.

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Top 10 Silicon Valley Episodes, According to IMDb


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