Space Tourism, Space Transport and Space Exploration News

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Space Tourism, Space Transport and Space Exploration News

Virtual Commercial UAV Expo Americas, Sep 15-17 ROBO SPACE DoD to start live fighter trials with AI pilots by 2024, Esper says
Washington DC (UPI) Sep 10, 2020
The Pentagon plans to conduct live trials pitting tactical aircraft controlled by artificial intelligence against human pilots, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Wednesday. … more
IRON AND ICE Meteorite study calls into doubt a popular theory about the early solar system
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Sep 17, 2020
Around 4 billion years ago, the solar system was far less hospitable than we find it now. Many of the large bodies we know and love were present, but probably looked considerably different, especial … more
EXO WORLDS NASA missions spy first possible survivor planet hugging white dwarf star
Greenbelt MD (SPX) Sep 17, 2020
An international team of astronomers using NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) and retired Spitzer Space Telescope has reported what may be the first intact planet found closely orbi … more
EXO WORLDS Device could help detect signs of extraterrestrial life
Washington DC (SPX) Sep 17, 2020
Although Earth is uniquely situated in the solar system to support creatures that call it home, different forms of life could have once existed, or might still exist, on other planets. But finding t … more
SPACE MEDICINE “Mighty Mice” in space could lead to new therapies for muscle and bone loss on Earth
Kennedy Space Center FL (SPX) Sep 11, 2020
Findings from the “Mighty Mice” investigation on the International Space Station (ISS) may help “save the day” both for earthbound patients with muscle and bone loss as well as astronauts on prolong … more

Teams demonstrate swarm tactics in fourth major OFFSET Field Experiment

MARSDAILY AFRL technology traveling to Mars
Kirtland AFB NM (SPX) Sep 18, 2020
The Red Planet, Mars, will soon be receiving more visitors when NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance rover accompanied by its flight companion, a 4-pound Mars Helicopter named Ingenuity, touches down in Fe … more
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Space Tourism, Space Transport and Space Exploration News


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