San Francisco’s 10 Coolest Startup Offices

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San Francisco’s 10 Coolest Startup Offices

When you think about new tech startups, what comes to mind? For most, it’s the image of Google‘s sprawling estate in Silicon Valley. And while not every company can have an office like Google, many are trying. Startup offices all over the country are fighting for top employees by including breathtaking amenities and on-site features. Perhaps this is no more evident than in San Francisco, the present day startup capital of the world. Let’s take a look at 10 of the top startup offices and what makes them so eye-popping.

GitHub, a hosting site that allows people to store their codes, isn’t just a collection of nerds working from a coffee shop. Well, actually, it used to be. That is until GitHub CEO and co-founder, Tom Preston-Werner, moved his growing business to its current San Francisco headquarters. According to employees, the office looks more like a bar or lounge than a corporate office. Video games, a 19


century lounge, a vintage bar with four beer taps, and hundreds of other unique pieces fill this office and solidify it as one of the 10 coolest startup offices in San Francisco.

While it’s difficult to classify Twitter

anymore, it still has that startup feel that allowed it to make such a successful launch. Now located in San Francisco’s Mid-Market neighborhood, this social media giant keeps employees satisfied with a full-service cafeteria, arcade room, yoga studio, and lovely rooftop with faux grass.

Would you expect anything less than a stellar office for 2014s biggest success story, Airbnb? In addition to offering employees a travel stipend of $2,000, the company makes its workplace dog-friendly and features regular employee theme days. The interior features a massive open atrium with unique architectural features from around the world, a four story ivy-laden wall, and beautiful natural lighting from well-positioned windows.

According to co-founder Joe Gebbia

, “Why wouldn’t the office be as comfortable as your home, if you’re going to end up spending the majority of your working life there?”

Social engagement company, Livefyre, goes above and beyond when it comes to treating employees well. In addition to offering social perks like weekly happy hours, employee sports leagues, and department retreats, the office has incredible features like a 15-foot, interactive social media wall, secrete passageways, a furnished rooftop, and soundproof rooms called “developer caves.”

While he may not have the same name recognition as one of his Facebook co-founders Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz has done well for himself. His company, Asana, calls San Francisco’s historic Hamm’s Building home, and knows how to treat employees. The office is dog-friendly and has a gourmet, in-house chef who prepares organic meals each day. The cherry on top is the fact that each employee is given $10,000 to be used for customizing his or her workplace.

Successful mobile payment provider, Square, is situated just one block away from Twitter and has taken notes on how to

create a suave work environment

. It has all of the features you would expect from a trendy startup company and is designed to function like its own city. There are lots of mixed workspaces, private hubs, and a cafeteria large enough to seat every employee. There’s even a full-service coffee and espresso bar with two baristas that are paid to whip up personalized drinks.

Not to be outdone by other San Francisco tech startups, Dropbox gives employees free meals – breakfast, lunch, and dinner – in the onsite cafeteria, offers complimentary haircuts, hosts game nights, and even has a music studio with drums and amplifiers. For architecture enthusiasts, the office is a dream. It has vintage wooden walls, exposed air ducts, and a unique, open floor plan.

Fashion company Stella & Dot has moved south of San Francisco to San Bruno, but that doesn’t mean the new corporate headquarters is lacking. In fact, it now has a 27,080 square foot space tailored towards the new era of entrepreneurial women. From big statements like open atriums and a 100-person conference room to the smaller details, such as the jar of green and blue candy in the entryway, Stella and Dot knows how to design an office.

While Marin Software may not have the trendy features that most startups have, it does have something even Twitter can’t top: an uninhibited view of the Bay Bridge. There is perhaps no better view in San Fransisco, and Marin Software keeps employees happy by giving them something beautiful to look at. The interior isn’t too bad either, with unique hang out areas and an aesthetically-pleasing design.

As the name suggests, Couchsurfing’s San Francisco office has a pretty relaxed feel. There are plenty of comfy couches, unique artwork form around the world, and even a tree swing. It may not have all the features of a huge tech-startup, but it’s certainly the most relaxed.

Startups all over San Francisco are fighting for the top employees by building impressive offices and trendy workspaces. If there’s something you want, you can probably find it. Want a bathroom that features the bio bidet bb 2000? How about a rooftop lounge with spots for napping? Many startups are making the most out of the space they have and you can often find just what you’re looking for in today’s workplace.

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San Francisco’s 10 Coolest Startup Offices


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