Watch NASA fire up SLS for the first time!

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Watch NASA fire up SLS for the first time!

NASA will be putting their super heavy lift rocket, the SLS [Space Launch System], through the ultimate test. They will fill the tanks with LOx and LH2 and then light the four RS25 engines for a 8 minute full duration burn. It will not leave the pad, which means we will get 8 full minutes of awesome engine sounds.

Want to learn more? We’ve got you covered:

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00:00 – Intro
03:00 – What to expect
09:20 – Listening to the NASA stream
13:30 – Q&A
21:30 – Listening to NASA / Update
27:00 – Q&A
34:00 – Listening to NASA
44:45 – Q&A
01:25:00 – Listening to NASA
01:29:15 – Q&A
01:36:15 – Listening to NASA
01:47:00 – T minus 10
01:47:10 – IGNITION!!!
01:48:14 – Shut down
02:00:00 – Q&A


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Watch NASA fire up SLS for the first time!


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