FULL Christmas Meal INSIDE a PIG (including dessert)!! Extreme Pig Turducken!!

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FULL Christmas Meal INSIDE a PIG (including dessert)!! Extreme Pig Turducken!!

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ADDRESS: 47 Xuân Thủy, P, Quận 2, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh

?? SAUSAGE: Chicago-style pepperoni sausage and spicy Italian sausage blend. Remove from casing and mix. Spread it flat onto wax paper.

? BACON WEAVE: Use house-made brown sugar. Take sliced bacon and weave it to make a bacon weave sheet. Place in a cooking pan. Place in the oven for 10 min. This is the layer between turkey & goose.

?? STUFFING: Chop celery, white onions & french baguettes into strips, then squares. Chop and add herbs (rosemary, sage & parsley). Add dried cranberries, quail eggs, salt, pepper, milk, pork fat and mix it all together. Add a few more dried cranberries on top. Place wax paper on top and press it down with a rolling pin. This is the layer between chicken & duck.

? HERB GREMOLATA: Use lemon zest, lemon skin, rosemary, parsley, sage, chopped shallots, chopped garlic and pour in olive oil. Add salt and pepper and mix. This will be the layer between the duck & quail.

?? BBQ LEATHER: Begin with Quan Ut Ut’s Carolina gold bbq sauce. Pour onto baking paper and then dehydrate it overnight in the smoker.

? BIRDS: Begin with the turkey. Lay it flat and add each layer. Lay out the bacon weave inside the turkey. Add the goose filet on top. Add the chicken filet on top of the goose. Spread stuffing on top. Add duck fillet. Spread the herb gremolata. Add 2 quail filets. Cut a strip of BBQ leather and place it on top of quail meat. Place three sparrows on top. Place one quail egg in the belly of the middle sparrow. Wrap everything up in the turkey and sew it shut. Place the ultimate turducken in the smoker to cook for about 5 hours.

? ROOT VEGETABLES: Chop shallots, pumpkin and carrots and place in a mixing bowl. Add baby potatoes (whole), rosemary and sage. Add salt and pepper. Drizzle in maple syrup and olive oil and mix. Saute until it is pre-cooked.

? BAKED APPLES: Remove the core in apples. Stuff with butter, dried cranberries and brown sugar. Wrap apples in cow caul fat. Lay the caul fat out flat. Sprinkle brown sugar on the caul fat and then dried cranberries. Place small pieces of butter around fat. Place four apples in the middle, wrap them all up together.

? THE PIG: Slice open the pig and rub the inside with a variety of spices (paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, sugar, salt, pepper, oregano, thyme and secret ingredients). Line the stomach of the pig with the sausage blanket. Secure pig with a skewer. Insert apples in the chest cavity. Wrap the turducken in pork caul fat and insert the turducken in the stomach of the pig. Insert the root vegetables in the pig and sew it shut. Place the pig in the hot box to roast for up to 8 hours.

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FULL Christmas Meal INSIDE a PIG (including dessert)!! Extreme Pig Turducken!!


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