My English Toffee Is The Perfect Holiday Gift

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My English Toffee Is The Perfect Holiday Gift

My English Toffee recipe is a quintessential holiday candy — delicious and crunchy! It’s also the perfect thing to have on-hand for a beautiful and simple gift! Get the Written Recipe:

My homemade English toffee is a triple threat! Easy to make, a great edible gift around the holidays, and so absolutely delicious you may not want to give it away! It’s one of the easiest homemade candies you can make, and who doesn’t love Old Fashioned English Toffee!

Ever have a Heath bar? Or in Europe, a Daim bar? After you make this recipe, I don’t think you’ll impulse buy one of them at the checkout line at your grocery store again! 

This homemade English toffee is chocolatey, nutty, and has the most amazing dark caramel at the bottom. It’s not a chewy caramel either; it has a nice crisp bite. A bit of advice: don’t be shy with that vanilla and salt. They add such an incredible flavor to this candy!

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My English Toffee Is The Perfect Holiday Gift


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