Homemade Nilla Wafers Made By Fans | Bold Baker Made

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Homemade Nilla Wafers Made By Fans | Bold Baker Made

My Homemade Vanilla Wafers recipe, also known as Nilla Wafers, is the perfect start to a new series for us called "Bold Baker Made." It’s one of my recipes, made by the fans, FOR the fans! Follow along, then get the written recipe: https://bit.ly/VanillaWafersRecipe

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Vanilla wafers are under-appreciated — not only are they a classic cookie, but the rich, buttery cookie that’s just bursting with yummy vanilla also goes with so many desserts! You can’t have my Creamy Banana Pudding without a crisp nilla wafer, or my 15 Minute Banana Cream Pie (No Bake). And, you can also use nilla wafers in my Homemade Strawberry Shortcake Bars! Honestly, for such a simple cookie, the sky’s the limit, so think out of the box (the prepackaged cookie box, specifically).

Homemade vanilla wafers are super easy to make, and they’re so much more flavorful than the kind you can pick up at the store. This nilla wafer recipe also earns bonus points because the cookies keep really well, so you can make them in advance for any of your nilla needs.

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Recipe: https://bit.ly/VanillaWafersRecipe

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Homemade Nilla Wafers Made By Fans | Bold Baker Made


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