How to Make Samosas with an Authentic Indian Recipe

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How to Make Samosas with an Authentic Indian Recipe

Ami’s authentic Samosas have everything you’d expect from this classic Indian recipe — a crispy crunchy outside, and a savory vegan filling (that you can remix however you’d like!). Get the Recipe:

Perfectly flaky and crispy samosas, stuffed with savory and spicy veggies, are a filling snack, easy to transport, and always a crowd-pleaser! Plus, you won’t have to worry about accommodating anyone’s diet — these Homemade Samosas are vegan.

Samosas are often deep-fried, but if deep-frying at home intimidates you, you can still enjoy these homemade samosas! Instead of frying, these are easily baked.

Everything in this recipe is made from scratch, including the dough. It was taught to me by my dear friend, who happens to be our culinary assistant here, Ami. Her mum taught her how to make authentic samosas, a popular treat in India, and I’m so happy Ami shared this recipe with me because they are incredible!

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How to Make Samosas with an Authentic Indian Recipe


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