Envisioning the World in 2030: Tech-enabled Future Services

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Envisioning the World in 2030: Tech-enabled Future Services

The future starts right now. It’s up to all of us to shape what that looks like. At Next Big Thing, we want to see a future that is sustainable and truly smart. We want to have a hand in designing how industries work, asking: how can machines best be empowered to act and be securely connected? How can we cultivate data about machine status and health, indirectly elevating human value and empathy, and leading to unexpected innovations?

In order to build this future, technologies alone are not enough. It’s the people and teams who have ideas about how to use those technologies and the services provided on top of those technologies. So we focus on leveraging technologies to develop new business models and services, asking questions and refining objectives.




We do this by building new companies that unlock the Internet of Things and blockchain technology, aiming to transform the world in a positive way. We see the Machine Economy as an opportunity to shape the future, helping machines communicate with one another, redefining human involvement where it matters most. With that, we hope to contribute to an empathetic world, one that values equality, diversity, sustainability.




To kick off this necessary conversation, and ask the right questions of the right people, we’ve launched a Meetup Series with a focus on the future: The World in 2030. It’ll be here before we know it. To prepare, we’ll gather and share knowledge from diverse angles: startup voices, corporate leaders, industry experts and a wild card – to keep things exciting.


We welcome you to join our 2030 Meetup Group to be part of a discussion that shapes the future!



Join the group


The World in 2030 will explore how tech-enabled services and products will impact a wide range of industries. Come hear what’s being developed, discover possibilities unlocked by new technology, and find out what business opportunities are emerging.


Be part of the conversation. Expand your network. Join us.




In this first Meetup on the Future Services in Healthcare, you’ll benefit from a panel discussion with diverse angles from knowledgeable sources:


Jens Grudno, CEO, AssistMe

Christian Rebernik, CEO, Vivy

Dr. Nana Bit Avragim, Mentor & Advisor, EIT Health

Miriam Schnuerer, Head of Healthcare Consulting, BWI GmbH

Christian Dierks, Managing Partner, Dierks +Company (Keynote speaker)


They’ll each offer insights from their own endeavors, with a keynote that focuses on the effects of an information based medicine, the implementation of artificial intelligence, and big data.

What will it take to truly focus on health? What will be the role of the patient as guardian of his or her data? Together we’ll investigate how affordable access to new tech empowers patients and assists medical professionals. After the panel, there will be ample time for questions, discussion, and networking.



See you in the near future!




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Envisioning the World in 2030: Tech-enabled Future Services


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